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Both Mike and Janet Adler started riding horses as children and received strong formal instruction in hunt seat equitation and jumping. After graduating from Portland State University, they turned their love of horses and a childhood dream of working with horses into a full-time profession. This included developing Horsemasters Farm Equestrian Center, a fine Northwest training facility. Janet also graduated from Porlock Vale Riding School in Somerset, England, with a British Horse Society Assistant Instructor (B.H.S.A.I.) degree and gained the title of “Horsemaster” in 1966. This was followed by additional intensive training in dressage, cross country and jumping at the Pebble Beach Equestrian Center.





about usMike and Janet have spent over 40 years teaching, riding the show circuit, and breeding quality show horses. They were one of the first breeders of sport horses on the West Coast. In 1981, Mike and Janet hosted the West Coast Olympic Screening Trial. A Horsemasters rider and school horse were one of 10 selected by Olympic Coach Jack LeGoff for further training for the Olympic team. Many former students are now competing professionally in the show circuit and are riding instructors.





about us

Horsemasters Farm is truly a family-operated business. Mike and Janet’s sons—Jeff Adler and Brian Adler—have joined the business as managers, riders, and instructors. The atmosphere at Horsemasters Farm is also
























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